About JJ's Squiggly Mind

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JJ’s Squiggly Mind is a bilingual children's book designed for children ages 7-10 and aims to educate children about ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) and its effect on one’s childhood. This book

follows JJ, who is a young Thai boy, on his journey with ADHD. JJ is a hyperactive, constantly excited child who initially struggles with his exceptionality but then after receiving professional help, learns how to better control himself and begins to lead a healthy life. “JJ’s Squiggly Mind” is packed with information and advice, which is backed up by professionals and scientific research, that can help guide your child on their journey with ADHD and help them better understand themselves. 

Why is this book important?

In Thailand, there is often a negative stigma surrounding mental exceptionalities and those with special needs, which includes children with ADHD. Many view ADHD as an illegitimate psychological condition that can be used as an excuse for misbehaviour in children. Therefore, some families who have children with ADHD may be discouraged from seeking profession diagnosis and help because of this stigmatization. This may undermine ADHD children’s development as untreated ADHD children may experience social consequences, a poor self esteem, and the development of further mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. Furthermore, the stigmatization of ADHD may also result in a lack of

accessible and useful resources for children with ADHD. This is a pressing need to be fulfilled in order to ensure that children with ADHD will receive the crucial help needed to lead a happy, healthy life. 

“JJ’s Squiggly Mind” is the first children’s book aiming to directly educate children with and without ADHD about this exceptionality. The author Sasin (Emmy) Thamakaison intended for this book to be an easily accessible and valuable resource for children with ADHD, no matter the socioeconomic class, to read and take advice and information from. With JJ’s perspective and his portrayal of childhood thinking, this book also aims to destigmatize ADHD and other mental exceptionalities as a whole. Ultimately, “JJ’s Squiggly Mind” aims to empower children with ADHD and emphasize that with your squiggly mind, you can do anything! 

As its goal is to be easily accessible and useful, this book can be bought online as an e-book or as a physical book. It can also be bought at the vocational training center, Steps With Theera, Rainbow House, or at local bookstores (TBA). Twenty five percent of the profits go into reprinting and distribution of books whereas 75% of all profits go to these charities and social enterprises: 

How and why you should buy this book?



Organisation for the Intellectual Development of those with special needs

The Rajanukul Institute is the center of intellectual development and disabilities at the ASEAN level and is under the Thai government's department of mental health. 



Vocational training center for those with special needs

A vocational training centre and coffee shop supporting qualifcations and employment for teenagers and adults with special education needs.



Non-profit organisation and home for children with special needs

Rainbow House, part of the Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD),  provides a home for up to 40 children and has been specially designed to be accessible for children with special needs. Our ultimate goal is to impart the skills of living independently and having confidence in oneself on children with special needs.